Research & development

Quality, durability and esthetics

We take pride in continuously analysing and improving our existing production processes. Our customers’ demands in terms of quality, sustainability and aesthetics are central here.

Looking for an original or innovative skin for your wood products? In partnership with existing and new partners, we will create the desired skin!


Mapo’s story begins in 1978 in Sint-Niklaas, with the establishment of the Mapolux company by the De Clercq family. Originally starting with the planing, sanding and lacquering of ceiling tiles, Mapolux then evolved with the market and over the years focused entirely on the finishing of wood.
After a devastating fire and a reconstruction in the same location, the company experienced enormous growth. So in the 1990s the company moved to Temse, where a new 8000 m² building complex was constructed.
In 1987, Jan Schoonbrood founded the company I.V.S. in Houthalen, primarily specialising in lacquering timber boards and profiles.

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We put quality first. No expense or effort is spared to make sure the products supplied are top quality.
As a sign of recognition, a number of our suppliers have issued a quality certificate, which we display proudly on our website.

As a pioneer in the market and a neutral partner, we are open to all proposals, whether relating to the surface or the treatments. Our contacts are by no means limited to the suppliers listed. (dealer)