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We give your wood the perfect skin

Wood is a rewarding and environmentally friendly material. It exudes warmth, is sustainable, has a pleasant feel, is easy to maintain and really brings a home or building to life.

We will provide your wood products with a beautiful ‘skin’: we give them a completely customised treatment. The skin is chosen based on the surface and the treatment method is determined on the basis of the profile.

We have a solution for most planks and experience with a wide range of woods. Both large projects and small commission orders are welcome for treatment.


For wood floors and most indoor applications, a protective or aesthetic treatment of one flat side on our oil and lacquer production line is sufficient.

The cycle time for the treatment is around half an hour, during which as many as seven coats can be applied! Many products are dried with UV light and can be packed immediately at the end of the treatment. So delivery times are limited to 2 to 3 weeks. We always allow space in our planning to handle urgent orders flexibly.

The possibilities are almost limitless. Here is a small look behind the scenes at how we can provide your wood with the right skin:

Sanding, light brushing to heavy structuring, smoking, ageing, colouring (also customised!). The treatments with UV oil and UV lacquer are very popular, as these are maintenance-friendly. Of course a lot of different treatments can be combined, so special looks can be created.

Outdoor wood

Façades, decking planks and construction timber should be treated on three or four sides to guarantee a correct protection. In this case, we plan the treatments on our vacuum coater or spraying production line.

Façades can be treated with an opaque paint or a coloured system, whether or not forming a film. The latter is also an interesting possibility for decking planks. The brushing of the grain before the treatment gives the planks a better appearance and highlights the natural character of the wood.

Thanks to the excellent drying capacity of our finishing systems, many steps in the treatment process can be combined, which means application of the ‘skin’ remains attractive in terms of price.

Looking for an original or innovative skin for your wood products? In partnership with existing and new partners, we will create the desired skin!


Mapo’s story begins in 1978 in Sint-Niklaas, with the establishment of the Mapolux company by the De Clercq family. Originally starting with the planing, sanding and lacquering of ceiling tiles, Mapolux then evolved with the market and over the years focused entirely on the finishing of wood.
After a devastating fire and a reconstruction in the same location, the company experienced enormous growth. So in the 1990s the company moved to Temse, where a new 8000 m² building complex was constructed.
In 1987, Jan Schoonbrood founded the company I.V.S. in Houthalen, primarily specialising in lacquering timber boards and profiles.

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We put quality first. No expense or effort is spared to make sure the products supplied are top quality.
As a sign of recognition, a number of our suppliers have issued a quality certificate, which we display proudly on our website.

As a pioneer in the market and a neutral partner, we are open to all proposals, whether relating to the surface or the treatments. Our contacts are by no means limited to the suppliers listed. (dealer)