Al 40 jaar de referentie

Mapo’s story begins in 1978 in Sint-Niklaas, with the establishment of the Mapolux company by the De Clercq family. Originally starting with the planing, sanding and lacquering of ceiling tiles, Mapolux then evolved with the market and over the years focused entirely on the finishing of wood.
After a devastating fire and a reconstruction in the same location, the company experienced enormous growth. So in the 1990s the company moved to Temse, where a new 8000 m² building complex was constructed.
In 1987, Jan Schoonbrood founded the company I.V.S. in Houthalen, primarily specialising in lacquering timber boards and profiles.

Around ten years later, I.V.S. and Mapolux entered into a new cooperation. The group specialised further in the finishing of parquet floors and timber boards.

After steady growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Mapo was confronted with the consequences of the economic crisis in 2010. In 2011, a branch had to be closed in order to secure the future of the company.

Mapo then extended its range to include finishing of various outdoor applications, such as façade and decking planks as well as fire-retardant applications.

Neutral position

Mapo attaches a lot of importance to its neutral position in the market. It offers its customers – based all over Europe and even beyond – a service (‘We give your wood the perfect skin’), but stays well away from the sale of wood products. It absolutely does not wish to be its own customers’ competitor.


Mapo extends a guarantee on all the finishes it applies – unless otherwise indicated – provided that the finished products are installed correctly and maintained with the recommended products.

In partnership with our existing and new partners, we will achieve the development you are waiting for!